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Padel Balls Box by Head

Padel Balls Box by Head

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The Head Pro Padel Balls Case (24 Cans) stands as the official ball endorsed by both the World Padel Tour and the Spanish Padel Federation, making it a top choice for padel enthusiasts in the USA.

Renowned for its exceptional performance and reliability, this ball ensures premium control and long-lasting durability, delivering an unparalleled playing experience.

Enjoy your padel game with 24 cans of these trusted balls, now available to enhance your play on the  padel courts in the United States.

Fully recyclable padel ball tubes. The new padel cans provide players with a greener choice, prioritizing environmental friendliness without compromising on the quality or performance that HEAD is known for. Make a conscious choice for both your game and the planet with our eco-friendly padel ball tubes.



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