Padel and Fitness

Padel and Fitness

When it comes to losing weight and toning up, padel has few rivals; you can burn up to 700 calories in just 60 minutes, more than with an hour of running.If you haven't caught onto padel yet, it's probably because you haven't given it a shot. It's so trendy that Spain has already become the first country in Europe with the highest number of padel courts, boasting over 20,000 as reported by the Spanish Padel Federation (RFEP) in 2023. This surpasses the number of tennis courts for the first time, which stands at 13,385. USA has over 200 padel courts by the number will be increasing very rapidly. An article from Padel Magazine UK mentions that there will be 10 million players in the USA by 2023.

Fun, highly social, and equally accessible to almost any fitness level, the allure of padel as a sport is hard to beat. It's also a healthy sport, as a study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine in late 2016 found that it has the highest reduction in the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases, ahead of swimming or aerobics.

Moreover, to fully enjoy the padel experience, having the right equipment is crucial. Padel rackets and accessories play a significant role in enhancing your game. The choice of the right racket can impact your performance, and having the appropriate accessories can make your matches more enjoyable. At P.ala we have the coolest padel rackets, padel bags and accessories.

Currently, according to the figures from the sports and leisure consulting firm Itik, padel generates around 600 million euros annually in our country, and 2.5 million people play it regularly, surpassing golf and squash. And many of them are women. In fact, according to Gemma Triay (Menorca, 1992), the dominant player in the women's padel circuit, this is the key to its success: "I think you don't see as many women playing in many other sports, and that's the foundation of its success," she declared in the sports magazine Atlántico, pointing out that it's a "relatively easy sport to practice."

And if that's not enough incentive, padel is one of the sports that best helps control weight because it allows you to burn between 400 and 700 calories during a 60-minute match. However, this figure will always depend on each person's weight and the factors that determine the match: the intensity of the movements, the court temperature, humidity conditions, and more.

So, get your p.ala padel rackets and accessories ready for a thrilling experience on the court!

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